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Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations - WTO REFORM- IMPROVING

17 Nov 2023

The unmaking of the the WTO Ministerial Conference when there was a Appellate Body unravelled a major achievement of split in the views of members on how to address the the WTO whereby the dispute settlement procedure Doha Development Agenda. [...] 2 pressure to achieve compliance, the proponents the Council for Trade in Goods to limit the review proposed a set of tough administrative measures in of notification obligations and procedures to the the Draft General Council Decision, to be applied Agreements in Annex 1A of the WTO Agreement. [...] as a proportion of its normal assessed contribution; 2.1 Discussions on the Draft General Council (iv) The Secretariat will be asked to report to Decision the CTG every year on the existing status of the member’s compliance with notification The Draft has been subject to intense criticism in the obligations; CTG and the General Council by developing country (v) The member will also be subject to s. [...] developing countries in opposing the Draft: Pressure is proposed to be escalated on non- - The punitive approach underlying the proposed compliant members from the beginning of the third ‘administrative measures’ in the Draft General year of missing the deadline with the application of Council Decision is inappropriate as in most cases the following additional measures. [...] the validity of the criticism that the measure was However, one cannot consider the issue as settled disproportionate in the context of achieving the as reaching a consensus on the expanded coverage objective of compliance with notification obligations.
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