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7 November 2023


The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) recently completed a diagnostic study of the petroleum sub-sector to understand the status and key challenges with a view to inform reform proposals to ensure the sustainability and reliability of the petroleum sub-sector in Zambia. [...] While the developments in the petroleum sub-sector during the last year or so have been lauded as good steps towards achieving the goal of adequate, reliable and affordable supply of petroleum products in line with the objectives of the 2019 National Energy Policy (NEP, 2019), the petroleum sub-sector still faces significant challenges. [...] Given the above context, the PMRC with support of the Ministry of Energy (MoE) undertook a rapid diagnostic assessment of the petroleum sub-sector in order to: i) Understand the current key challenges in the petroleum sub-sector. [...] While the importance of the various road safety checks and inspections was well appreciated, the tanker operators were most concerned about the long time the inspections take, and about the fact that some of the tests were duplicated by different agencies. [...] The forex shortages have often led to delays in importing petroleum products and business losses for the OMCs | Petroleum sector 7 Diagnostic Assessment B) OPPORTUNITIES Despite the many pressing challenges facing the petroleum sub-sector today, the existing political will and support for reforms presents a unique opportunity for the transformation of the petroleum sub-sector.

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