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Policy Brief-(Vol 17-4)-Daramola Olapade.indd

31 October 2023


iv Meanwhile, the formal institutional framework for conflict management in the study area espouses the adversarial system of dispute resolution that involves the Access To Land and Violent Conflicts in West Africa 10 October 2023 Impact of Land Conflict The following are impacts of land fear. [...] Hinders Socio-Economic figures of violent deaths from land Activities of People conflicts in Lagos as at the time of our survey, most of the participants Land conflicts can hinder the attested to the fact that land conflicts socio-economic activities of in their communities have resulted people by reducing their economic in the deaths of many victims. [...] The current policy of addressing land conflict through adversarial and formal judicial systems need to be complemented with alternative policies that will address the causes of land conflict such as: adoption of intergenerational compensation, institutionalising the organisational structure of the landholding families, adopting good land governance, and the use of alternative dispute resolution ap. [...] • Institutionalisation of the Organisational Structure of the Landholding Families In addition, proper institutionalisation of the organisational structure of the landholding families will curb the problem of recurrent feuds among members of the landholding families which is born out of the weak organisation structures of the landholding families. [...] • Proper Enforcement of Extant Land Laws and the Adherence to Good Land Governance Principles Access To Land and Violent Conflicts in West Africa 14 October 2023 Finally, there is a need for proper enforcement of extant land laws and the adherence to good land governance principles to curb land conflicts.

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