cover image: CIGS Working Paper Series No. 23-017E


CIGS Working Paper Series No. 23-017E

6 Nov 2023

Identification of elites and construction of vertex data In this research, we assume that an elite consists of political elites and economic elites; the political elite shall have at least one of the following three positions during a year: cabinet minister3, member of the House of Lords,4 member of the House of Representatives; and the economic elite shall have an auditor or higher position in th. [...] The total paid-in capital of the top 100 companies and that of companies in Japan increased rapidly, and the top 100 companies accounted for 34.6%, 39.6%, and 35.1% of the total paid-in capital of companies in Japan in 1902, 1914, and 1927, respectively. [...] The number of edges within each category was in the diagonal cells of the matrix, whereas the number of edges between different categories was in the non-diagonal cells of the matrix. [...] We calculated the eigenvector centrality score of each vertex using eigen_centrality in the R/igraph package ( ).7 By depicting the eigenvector centrality score as the size of a vertex and the closeness of each relationship between two elites as the width of the edge, we can capture the overall characteristics of the entire elite kinship network, as shown in Figure 5. [...] 12 The distribution of the rank in Kyuchu-Sekiji and the logged value of the sum of the paid-in capital are reported in Figure A.4 in the online appendix.
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