SUN Movement Climate and Nutrition Advocacy Messages & Asks
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SUN Movement Climate and Nutrition Advocacy Messages & Asks

13 November 2023


● Both climate shocks and elevated temperatures, a hallmark of climate change, can directly harm food production systems, affecting both producers' livelihoods (most often women) and consumers' access to quality food.1 ● Future projections paint a bleak picture of reduced nutrient availability, with vulnerable populations, especially women and children, bearing the brunt of the consequences, and t. [...] From catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and parts of the Sahel, to relentless drought and suffering in Afghanistan, Madagascar and the Horn of Africa, millions were displaced in 2022 alone.4 ● As we address the critical issue of climate change, we must also recognize its profound impact on nutrition, not just in terms of greenhouse gas emissions from food syste. [...] Climate change, crop yields, and undernutrition: development of a model to quantify the impact of climate scenarios on child undernutrition. [...] We call on national nutrition and climate experts, alongside policymakers, to unite in devising strategies that address the complex overlap of climate change and nutrition. [...] ● As a movement we commit to ensuring that stakeholders better integrate climate and sustainability considerations as we support the development of and implementation of multi-stakeholder national nutrition plans.

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