cover image: Published by the Rights and Resources Initiative, 2023


Published by the Rights and Resources Initiative, 2023

9 Nov 2023

Jhontoni Tarihoran, the former national chair of the Indigenous Youth Front of the Archipelago in Indonesia and Tano Batak youth organizer, observes that once youth start to embrace their Indigenous identity and culture, they also reconnect with their territories. [...] To promote youth safety: • Youth organizations and their allies should regularly assess risks to youth and allocate resources for mitigation and response. [...] • Youth and allies with relative power and privilege should hold themselves and their peers accountable to ambitious and material redistribution of power and resources. [...] Aiming to harness the dynamism and idealism of Indigenous youth for international environmental campaigns and their greater participation in activities of the United Nations, the conference consisted of three major parts: forest and convention on biodiversity, leadership training, and preparatory meetings for the UNPFII07 and the APIYN assembly proper. [...] 35 • The brief “UNDER THE COVER OF COVID: New Laws in Asia Favor Business at the cost of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ Land and Territorial Rights” examines legislative developments in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines during Covid-19, highlighting the undermining of sustainable human-environment interactions and the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities over their cu.
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