cover image: The Houthis: Terrorizing Women and Journalists - November 2023


The Houthis: Terrorizing Women and Journalists - November 2023

2 Nov 2023

The Houthi Perpetrators and their Victims Yusra Al-Nashiri (left) and Entisar Al-Hammadi (center) prior to their detention and abuse by the Houthis on charges of “violating public morality.”15 Two recent high-profile cases of women being detained and abused at the hands of the Houthis are the abductions of young aspiring actresses and fashion models Yusra al-Nashiri and Entisar al-Hammadi.16 In Fe. [...] In February 2023, Al-Nashiri was released on bail due to failing health as a result of the abuse and poor conditions,20 and she then seized the opportunity to escape to Amman where she was able to speak about her harrowing abuse at the hands of the Houthis.21 Given the opacity of the Houthi organization, it is not possible to identify all who should be accountable for the mistrial of justice carri. [...] are “unacceptable and contradict the principles and charters of the United Nations, reveal the lack of credibility and impartiality of the organization… the Yemeni judiciary operates in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nation.”40 He previously served as the Houthis’ attorney general, including during the period in which al-Nashiri and al-Hammadi were initially. [...] The SJC oversees the function of the courts and judges to ensure that they are operating to the satisfaction of the Houthi leadership.50 For example, if Judge Osama al-Juneid was overseeing the case against al-Hammadi and al-Nashiri and ruled in the defendants’ favor against Houthi wishes, the SJC would have been the body responsible for removing him due to “poor performance.” A 2020 report by the. [...] 53 “Chairman of the Judicial Council congratulates the Leader of the Revolution and the Chairman of the Political Council on the September 26 Revolution,” Website of the Supreme Judicial Council of Yemen, accessed July 8, 2023, .
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