cover image: Unlocking a reuse revolution:  - scaling returnable packaging


Unlocking a reuse revolution: - scaling returnable packaging

16 Nov 2023

We’re pleased to be working with provides yet further evidence on the environmental and ‘Unlocking the Reuse Revolution’ is a critical body of work that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other industry partners economic opportunity that well designed reuse systems can provides governments and businesses with the evidence and to explore the economic, environmental, and experiential deliver at scal. [...] While many of the insights on in creating the enabling conditions, and financial the key drivers that impact the environmental and economic performance are applicable across multiple institutions in supporting and investing in the geographies, the specific outcomes presented in this report are based on French data and geography infrastructure. [...] The focus of this report is on the role of • The environmental benefits of scaling back at five years of Global Commitment action and scaling returnable packaging, where customers returnable packaging learnings, it is clear that we cannot only recycle our return empty packaging for it to be cleaned • How to make the economics of returnable way out of the plastic waste and pollution crisis; profess. [...] ~450 However, the return industry is typically more conversion labour intensive and localised than the extraction & filling and production of single-use packaging (especially the sorting and cleaning process).34 Ultimately, the number of jobs created by moving from single use to return will depend on multiple factors, including the willingness of public authorities to reorient the economy and thei. [...] Transitioning to return systems involves Adaptation of filling lines • Single-use packaging that requires significant transition costs for: The investment costs to shift production processes design changes or complete redesign of the 1 The adaptation of filling lines and processes to from single use to return depend on the type of packaging or manufacturing process to be current and proposed packa.


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