cover image: V 23 • I 21 • N 21, 2023


V 23 • I 21 • N 21, 2023

21 Nov 2023

The opportunity is that the balance of power or center of gravity in global affairs is shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific as the world becomes more multipolar (Xinhua, December 28, 2017). [...] Specifically, in the period between the founding of the Army (1927) and the founding of the People’s Republic of China (1949), there were many officers who were either illiterate or barely literate. [...] The 2019 enlistment plan (招生计划) optimized the gender ratio and focused on the needs of professional training, aligning with the reform of the National College Entrance Examination (CEE; also known as the gaokao, 高考). [...] For example, the Regulations on the Management of Automobile Data Security (Trial), promulgated by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and four other ministries, sets out six general categories of “important data,” including “data reflecting operations such as vehicle flow and logistics, data on the operation of the automobile charging network, and video and image data from outside the ve. [...] The Biden administration subsequently imposed sanctions on 47 Nicaraguan individuals and 11 entities, including the vice president, the first couple’s children, close advisors to the president, leaders of the National Police, the judiciary, the ruling Sandinista Party, and National Assembly (State Department, September 15, 2022).


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