Unpacking Tensions and Terrorism in the Middle East  SYNOPSIS
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Unpacking Tensions and Terrorism in the Middle East SYNOPSIS

30 November 2023


The frequent usage of the terms “terrorism” and “terrorist” particularly in the context of the Palestinian struggle, necessitates a balanced and thorough examination. [...] The Israeli far-right government's promotion of a narrative drawing parallels between the 7 October attack on Israel and the events of 9/11 in the United States of America (US) is criticised as a dangerous and inaccurate rhetoric. [...] This narrative has the potential to undermine the struggle of the Palestinian people seeking implementation of the relevant United Nations (UN) resolutions for a peaceful solution of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. [...] Despite initial US support during the Soviet invasion in the late 1970s, the Taliban later became a formidable adversary, prompting the initiation of the US “war on terror”. [...] The distortion of the term “terrorism” not only undermines the resilience of the Palestinian people but also worsens the daily humanitarian crisis they endure, leaving little room for any form of coexistence.

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