cover image: Cordaid Policy on Investment of Assets


Cordaid Policy on Investment of Assets

24 May 2018

This document presents the policy that has been determined by the Board of Directors of Cordaid regarding the management of the invested assets. [...] Primary objective In accordance with the Board decision made in the Board meeting of May 7, 2018, the management of the assets must focus on maintaining, over several years, the spendable capital, considering inflation over the reference period. [...] Invested amount The maximum amount invested is based on the annual evaluation of the required level of risk reserves, the required cash buffers and the portion of the risk reserves that are expected to remain constant during the upcoming 5-10 years. [...] The selection criteria and the final decision on appointment of the asset manager(s) require approval of the Supervisory Board. [...] At least once a year, the selected Asset Managers must perform a sustainability screening of the portfolio based on the criteria above and present proposals to increase the sustainability of the portfolio without harming the other conditions in this investment policy.



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