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Exploring Resilience with Families - National Report for Poland Authors:

27 Nov 2023

A symbolic change confirming the importance of the new approach to social policy was the addition of the word 'family' to the name of the ministry responsible for social policy. [...] Exploring Resilience with Families: National Report for Poland 13 Methodology Outreach and Recruitment In a first step, ethical approval was obtained from the University of Warsaw.1 The implementation of the focus group research in Poland, including the recruitment of respondents, the organisation of the infrastructure and the provision of comprehensive empirical material, was outsourced to an ext. [...] At the beginning of the meeting, the researcher emphasised that the role of the observer was to support the conduct of research. [...] The first was an introduction in which participants were reminded of the purpose of the research and the rules of participation. [...] The age of the children and the degree of disablement of adults needing care were anchoring points in the discussions which emphasised the importance of ‘presence.’ Sometimes care-giving and the associated pressures were a memory for people that they felt important to recount especially when they had moved beyond the early child-rearing phase; but, even for those parents with older children, the n.


Holly Shorey

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