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22 Nov 2023

Q: So, the pipeline itself is not gone, but because of delays in decision-making, there is a delay in orders, so there are some delays compared to the plan for the full year, but how much can you recover from that and how much can you reduce the downturn in terms of profitability, is that how you see the progress as of H1 of the fiscal year? A: Yes, that's right. [...] Q: So, I think you were saying that some additional funds were added in Q4 of last fiscal year and that the final cutover would probably be at the end of September, but now that the final cutover has been made, is it my understanding that this is the end? A: The unprofitability that we have been discussing up until now has been the unprofitability of the development process. [...] However, we believe that we have made a sufficient estimate of the amount in the maintenance flow in the operating and maintenance phase, so we are working on the situation at this time with the hope that we can finish the process here. [...] Therefore, I would not go so far as to say that the achievement of the plan is easy, but we believe that the level of increase from JPY12.4 billion in H1 to JPY13.6 billion in H2 is sufficiently high to achieve the plan. [...] Also, in comparison with the previous year, the previous year saw the posting of several billion yen in unprofitability at the end of the fiscal year.
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