cover image: Snowy 2.0 Threatened Fish Management Plan


Snowy 2.0 Threatened Fish Management Plan

3 Nov 2023

Schedule 4, From the commencement of the development of the Section 1.5; Section 2.4 Condition 12 Main Works until the completion of the ecological rehabilitation of the areas used for operations, the Proponent must: (a) make copies of the following information publicly available on its website: • the documents referred to in the definition of the Exploratory Works and Main Works; • current statut. [...] Stocky Galaxias The following sections provide an overview of the Stocky Galaxias species, the potential impact to this species from the project and a framework of activities to inform the development of the AP and address the CoA. [...] The activities and scheduling of the proof of concept of husbandry and production techniques activities will be detailed in the AP with the progress of activities undertaken to be incorporated into the AR. [...] The aim of the captive breeding program is to achieve self-sustaining populations of this species, however, given the existing status and threats to Stocky Galaxias, the high degree of uncertainty regarding the potential success of captive breeding, the lack of knowledge associated with suitable receiving sites and the long-term nature of species recovery and population establishment, it is concei. [...] Table 6 provides details of the documents prepared as part of the engagement of the ARI used to inform the framework of activities proposed to address the objectives of the TFMP.


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