Integrated Report 2023 - One NTT DATA
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Integrated Report 2023 - One NTT DATA

29 November 2023


Over the years, we have is important to formulate a vision of the ideal future for the continued to act in accordance with the philosophy of serving whole of society, considering how to reconcile the differing P8 Strengths Honed since Founding we have pursued since our founding, which is encapsulated in visions and interests of various stakeholders, and to work P8 Exhibition of the True Value of S. [...] At the same time, we seek to cater to the led the Company to be ranked sixth in the world in the IT solutions to global companies and to government agencies. [...] The current medium-term management plan touts the The promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is domestic operations, and NTT DATA, Inc., an operating com- and of the development of the ideal data-driven vehicle slogan of “Realizing a Sustainable Future,” based on which also key to innovation and the further development of soci- pany outside Japan that manages NTT Ltd. [...] (outside of Japan) specialized skills and the energization of organizations The third area of concern is for the repercussions for our through the introduction and entrenchment of human financial health from the increase in interest-bearing debt. [...] The transition to the three-company structure, through Overseas Human Resources Nishihata: I think we can also imagine the inverse of such a some to judge us as having surpassed the competition in however, brings with it the risk of employees of the operating cycle, in which mid-rank employees from NTT DATA, Inc., are Nishihata: Under the three-company structure, NTT DATA Japan to become No.

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