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The beauty of Buchan

27 Nov 2023

Untitled ISSUE 2: BUCHAN/ KRAUTUNGALUNG COUNTRY SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER - Tomorrow's riding: Buchan to Lakes Entrance (84 km) The beauty of Buchan Here we are in Buchan with the first day of riding in the books, so let’s all give ourselves a little pat on the back. [...] AT CAMP More campsite BBQ The good people of the Buchan Bush Nursing Association will be putting on a BBQ at the campsite on Sunday afternoon. [...] WARBY TIPS Enjoy the views and remember to stop, rest and relax, you’re on holidays not the Tour de France! Bonus tip: You’re burning some serious calories, so you can afford to consume the odd coffee and cake. [...] High chance of Time to recharge the batteries in Buchan, but showers and a chance of a thunderstorm. [...] Lookout for our Rider Ambassadors wearing Riders take a rest on the first Great Vic Bike purple bibs and come dinner time, look for the Ride, and sip on 50 cent cups of Devonshire purple tables and come over for a chat! tea.


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