Rolling out renewables in the Global South: - A developer perspective
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Rolling out renewables in the Global South: - A developer perspective

1 December 2023


Introduction The first Global Stocktake under the This report is the first in a series, which Paris Agreement stresses the urgency of thematise the practical nuts-and-bolts scaling up renewable energy to achieve considerations which current and future net zero carbon emissions.2 The scale-up clean energy developers in developing of clean electricity, and the use of that countries face, and how thi. [...] The International Energy The stakes are particularly high in Agency (IEA) is calling for a tripling of developing countries in the Global renewable energy capacity by 2030.5 South, where the need for modern energy provision is most urgent and the growth We revisit the prospects for renewable potential in energy demand is highest, energy in developing countries, both but where business conditions c. [...] The renewable energy and the collaborative expertise of transition offers a unique opportunity international project developers from for green prosperity and genuinely both the Global North and the Global sustainable development. [...] At the heart of decarbonisation plans is Most of the expected population the rapid decarbonisation and expansion growth until mid-century is expected of electric power generation and the in developing countries (excluding use of clean electricity to decarbonise China). [...] storage and distribution, project development and construction, Respondent’s position and operations and maintenance, energy efficiency and management, research experience and development, energy retail and trading, consulting and advisory A majority of respondents (61%) held services, investment and finance, positions at the executive or senior and manufacturing and supply management levels.

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