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Accessibility Plan Guide

7 Nov 2023

Under the Accessibility Act, public bodies are required to: • Comply with the standard within the specified time period; • Prepare and keep records to follow the regulations, and make records available for inspection and examination; • Develop an accessibility plan within two years of the Accessibility Act becoming law. [...] These components are: • The Establishment of an Accessibility Advisory Committee • The identification of an Accessibility Lead • Learning and Collaboration Keep in mind that the accessibility plan should outline how barriers to participation identified and removed in the short-term, and into the future. [...] The lead will: • Confirm the resources required to establish the Accessibility Advisory Committee, to engage stakeholders, and to develop the accessibility plan. [...] • Allocating resources to estimate the human, financial and technical resources required • Providing a timeline for implementation • Stating how the plan will be monitored and evaluated • Including mechanisms to respond to questions and complaints To communicate the plan, the organization should: • Involve the community. [...] The Accessibility Act defines the role and responsibilities of the Disability Policy Office and the Accessibility Standards Advisory Board, and addresses standards, compliance, and enforcement.
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