Harnessing AI for Global Good by Gita Gopinath
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Harnessing AI for Global Good by Gita Gopinath

1 December 2023


Maximizing the benefits of artificial intelligence and managing the risks will require innovative policies with global reach Beginning in the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution ushered in a series of innovations that transformed society. We may be in the early stages of a new technological era-the age of generative artificial intelligence (AI)-that could unleash change on a similar scale. History, of course, is filled with examples of technologies that left their mark, from the printing press and electricity to the internal combustion engine and the internet. Often, it took years-if not decades-to comprehend the impact of these advances. What makes generative AI unique is the speed with which it is spreading throughout society and the potential it has to upend economies-not to mention redefine what it means to be human. This is why the world needs to come together on a set of public policies to ensure AI is harnessed for the good of humanity.

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GITA GOPINATH is first deputy managing director of the IMF.