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Question & Answer - Questioner 1 - Q&A Session 1 Q:

1 Dec 2023

When we estimated synergies worth JPY30 billion for FY2025, we also expected that expenditures in FY2024 would be larger than in FY2023, considering that the FY2024 will be impacted the most by the actual start of the integration of regional branches. [...] In this fiscal year, the margin of the Financial business will be almost unchanged from the previous year and that of the Enterprise business is expected to decrease slightly, in accordance with your plans. [...] Considering that the increase is even larger in scale, I am guessing you also won the project for the renewal of the pension administration system. [...] As you explained in the PITON part of the company presentation, I presume that your Company is planning to introduce open systems and cloud to platforms and large-scale joint use systems, especially for the Public & Social Infrastructure sector and the Financial sector in the future. [...] Q: In that case, you anticipate that the ROIC of the data center business will not deteriorate after the planned sales, and rather, you will aim to increase it while attempting to find a balance, is that correct? A: We are going to ensure an increase in the overall ROIC.
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