cover image: South Australian Electricity Report - November 2023 - South Australian Advisory Functions


South Australian Electricity Report - November 2023 - South Australian Advisory Functions

27 Nov 2023

Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, AEMO and its officers, employees and consultants involved in the preparation of this document: • make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information in this document; and • are not liable (whether by reason of negligence or otherwise) for any statements or represent. [...] The 2023 SAER consolidates data and insights relevant to South Australia from a range of AEMO publications, including the 2023 Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) for the National Electricity Market (NEM), the 2023 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) for eastern and south-eastern Australia, and the Quarterly Energy Dynamics reports. [...] While the SAER focuses on the next 10 years, AEMO has forecast the scenarios to 2052-538, and projects an electrification impact for South Australian underlying consumption of just over 9,000 GWh in the Step Change scenario, with 3,381 GWh of this being from residential and business stationary loads and the remaining 5,696 GWh from EV adoption. [...] © AEMO 2023 | South Australian Electricity Report 27 Demand and consumption Table 3 Distributed PV contribution to underlying and operational summer maximum demand in South Australia Year Distributed PV contribution Date and time of Distributed PV generation Date and time of to underlying maximum underlying maximum at the time of operational operational maximum demand (MW) demand maximum demand (M. [...] This project included the installation of Smart Wires Power Guardian units on the Templers to Waterloo 132 kV line and the uprating of the Robertstown to Para 275 kV and the Robertstown to Tungkillo 275 kV lines to increase the transfer capacity of the transmission network in the Mid North region of South Australia.


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