The Future of UK Global Health Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract
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The Future of UK Global Health Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract

29 November 2023


It was one of the founding members and top contributors of the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; it was instrumental in founding the Scaling Up Nutrition movement; and it remains a top contributor to the World Health Organization. [...] The paper has four parts: the first is a review of UK global health expenditures from 2018–2022; the second identifies three major external global trends that the UK must respond to; the third examines current UK global health policies, and the fourth recommends a five-point plan for the UK to consider for the future. [...] (30) This localisation agenda, in combination with the rise in NCDs, the increasing global threats, and the shift towards health system strengthening (HSS) approaches in global health has also challenged the major global health initiatives (GHIs) that channel global health aid, such as Gavi and the Global Fund. [...] For instance, the UK’s Global Health Framework notes that the UK will “explore their potential evolution in the face of the changing global health landscape.” Indeed the UK’s contribution to the 2022 Global Fund replenishment was delayed and smaller than previous rounds, suggesting some internal wavering of support. [...] This occurred against a backdrop of what we identify as the three key trends that the UK must respond to—an acute-on-chronic health financing crises in LMICs; a concentration of poverty in fewer countries, the rise in NCDs, and the rise in global threats; and the inadequacy of the global health architecture.

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