cover image: Ontrack vol 31 november 2023


Ontrack vol 31 november 2023

28 Nov 2023

This includes developing deployment of military forces and assets to more command and control competencies in domestic emergencies), who sets the scene other parts of the EMS as the CAF currently for the entire volume by laying out in detail is the only organization with this expertise the ro le o f the CAF in domes t ic and capacity.5 emergencies, how the organization has Therefore, the focus of. [...] understanding of the challenges at hand, the Josh Bowen, the former Director of demands which exists, and the distribution Emergency Planning at the Canadian Red and availability of resources; and 3) Cross, argues that augmenting the augmenting the capacity of the humanitarian operational effectiveness of Canada’s EMS sector through ini t ia t ives l ike the is not a luxury but a necessity at this. [...] The RFA should to capture the intent of the provincial ‘ask’ describe the effect or outcome to be and provide the CAF with flexibility in how achieved, and not include numbers of the support is provided. [...] In The second challenge is that of risk the context of a depleted personnel, and it is linked to readiness and the CAF’s leadership and expertise base, and efforts to ability to achieve what the Government has reconstitute the force, the Departmental Plan asked it to be prepared to do. [...] suggested that the way forward should The publication by the PSC of the involve a series of smaller steps, applying first National Risk Profile (NRP), a national iterative and innovative solutions, and emergency preparedness and awareness tool, leveraging the capacity and demonstrated is an important and useful contribution to performance of NGOs such as the Red better understanding the challenge.
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