MPA 836 - Winter 2024 Course Outline copy 2
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MPA 836 - Winter 2024 Course Outline copy 2

28 November 2023


• The team will present as if to the Deputy and Minister of Health (and any expert retained by the Minister) for 30 minutes maximum following which there will be questions and discussion from the class   A pre-circulated written policy brief shall be distributed electronically before the start of the class (preferably the prior evening). [...] Final Policy Interview For the final interview, students will be given two questions to answer on one of the weekly topics from the term on the second to last class of the semester. [...] Final letter grading will be based on:       Policy Presentation                                             40% Final Policy Interview                                                 40% Class Participation           20% Readings to support your learning The following sources are suggested: General Health Policy Sources   Canada Health Act R. [...] Adherence to the values expressed through academic integrity forms a foundation for the "freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas" essential to the intellectual life of the University (see the Senate Report on Principles and Priorities secretariat/policies/senate/report-principles-and-priorities). [...] Given the seriousness of these matters, actions which contravene the regulation on academic integrity carry sanctions that can range from a warning or the loss of grades on an assignment or the failure of a course to the rescinding of a degree.

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