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7 Nov 2023

Therefore, the Medinan verses are to be read in the context of political circumstances of their times, whereas the Meccan verses as the phase when the basic tenents of the faith and the core positions of the Shariah were originally established.14 Islamic Jurisprudence versus Medieval Muslim Polity In this book, Political Language of Islam, Bernard Lewis states: In Christendom the existence of two. [...] In fact, the body of scholars, including the fuqaha’, may well be considered to be the “civil society” of the early Islamic period.17 As would be reflected in the chapters ahead, some of the founders of classical schools of Islamic jurisprudence (who were mostly subjects of Umayyad and Abbasid empires) frequently faced persecution at the hands of their rulers. [...] The present chapter comes under Part I, “Introduction”, and covers the defining characteristics and debates surrounding the issue of what the term Political Islam means in the context of the evolution of political thought in Muslim history. [...] Part III, “History of Muslim Political Thought in South Asia”, covers five chapters under two subsections dedicated to the journey of Islam in the Indian subcontinent, from the time of the advent of Muslim traders in south India’s eastern coastline to the political and strategic outlook of Turkic and Central Asian dynasties in India in medieval times and finally, the rise of radical reformist and. [...] For them, the Prophet is, first and foremost, the Messenger of God (‘Rasulullah’), whose triumph lies in being the conveyor of Gos’s immaculate revelation in the form of the Quran and for being the finest paragon of the scripture’s teachings in its human form.


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