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Exploring Resilience with Families - National Report for Croatia Authors:

27 Nov 2023

Methodology This section outlines the methodology that was followed, detailing the sampling strategy, describing the profile of the participants who were recruited for the focus group discussions, and explaining the steps followed in the data collection and data analysis phase. [...] They were then contacted by the focus group moderator in order to explain in more detail the themes and the group format of the discussion, to make sure whether the participants satisfied the research criteria and to give them the opportunity to ask questions Exploring Resilience with Families: National Report for Croatia 15 about the discussion. [...] The table below outlines key information about the organisation of the focus group discussions, including the location where the focus group discussion was held, the recruitment mode and the number of participants. [...] All kinds of things on the side.” While the issues related to limited employment opportunities were similar many, including those in the low-income groups and the rural group participants, the situation of lone parents stood out in communicating relatively more secure and better paid employment conditions compared to the other participants in the discussions. [...] The discussions centred on various aspects, such as the needs of children, the level of expenditures and strategies to meet the needs of children, prioritising children over one’s own needs, and the existence or absence of welfare benefits and support mechanisms.


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