cover image: Exploring Resilience with Families - National Report for the United Kingdom


Exploring Resilience with Families - National Report for the United Kingdom

27 Nov 2023

• Matters relating to jobs and employment were the source of significant negative comment, especially in regard to the availability of work, the sufficiency of wages and the difficulty of retaining employment in contexts of heavy care-giving and income and skills constraints. [...] Overall, Kenway and Holden (2021) make a strong argument that the old story of work as a route out of poverty has been discredited by the recent reforms and experiences in the UK and that we should start to develop new stories which will inevitably need to be more complex and more grounded in the difficulties associated with trying to manage individual and family life in a context where the public. [...] In the end, seven focus groups with a total of 50 participants were held in different parts of the UK (in/around the cities and regions of Birmingham, Kent, London, Oxford and Somerset in England and Exploring Resilience with Families: National Report for the United Kingdom 17 Dundee and Edinburgh in Scotland). [...] The table below outlines key information about the organisation of the focus group discussions, including the location where the focus group discussion was held, the recruitment mode and the number of participants. [...] In a few cases, the quotes have been edited to protect anonymity and respect the conditions of ethical approval of the national research as well as the conditions of the project’s Joint Controllership Agreement.


Holly Shorey

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