Beyond Plastics

Beyond Plastics

Type NGO
Year founded 2019
Location Bennington United States of America United States of America
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, University-funded
Tags environment pollution plastics waste
Summary Launched in January 2019, Beyond Plastics is a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont, that pairs the wisdom and experience of environmental policy experts with the energy and creativity of college students to build a vibrant and effective anti-plastics movement. Our mission is to end plastic pollution by being a catalyst for change at every level of our society. We use our deep policy and advocacy expertise to build a well-informed, effective movement seeking to achieve the institutional, economic, and societal changes needed to save our planet, and ourselves, from the plastic pollution crisis.

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Beyond Plastics · 4 May 2022 English

The Last Beach Clean Up and Beyond Plastics released a new report “The Real Truth About the U.S. Plastics Recycling Rate,” which documented a recycling rate of 5 to 6% …

Beyond Plastics · 21 October 2021 English

The New Coal: Plastics and Climate Change is a comprehensive account of the United States plastics industry’s significant, yet rarely acknowledged contributions to the climate crisis. Using coal-fired power plants …

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