Canadian Civil Liberties Association


Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Type NGO
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Year founded 1964
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Functions Advocacy
Tags human rights safety freedom
Summary CCLA is a human rights organization committed to defending the rights, dignity, safety, and freedoms of all people in Canada. As was established in the organisation’s founding principles, CCLA is the pre-eminent voice advocating for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians and all persons living in Canada. They are a leader in protecting rights and have earned widespread respect for their principled stand on such issues as national security, censorship, capital punishment, and police and state accountability —with a fearless voice on civil liberties, human rights and democratic freedoms.

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CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 19 October 2023 English

The motion for an injunction did not succeed.2 [4] Thereafter, the motion judge sought submissions on the disposition of the costs of the motion. [...] [6] On November 24, 2024, …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 28 September 2023 English

As reflected in the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence, at the heart of Part VI lies the recognition that its investigative techniques are more intrusive than the powers of search and seizure …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 26 September 2023 English

As I will explain, Mahal is not the first case to say that the Hunter-compliant standard of reasonable grounds to Page: 4 believe that the interception of private communications “will …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 12 September 2023 English

This includes revising 6(1) to revoke the Minister of Industry’s ability to recommend tribunal members; removing 15(4)(a) and (b) and amending the language of 15(4) to clearly state that the …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 19 June 2023 English

The subject-matter of the proceedings: does the proceeding involve a matter of the public interest? b. [...] The first question is whether the subject-matter of the proceeding involves a matter …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 6 June 2023 English

The location analysis is contextual and pragmatic, focusing on the historical and actual functions of the place where the expression occurs.8 In City of Montreal,9 the Supreme Court presciently commented …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 19 May 2023 English

Background The Canada Elections Act sets out how federal political parties can collect, use, and distribute voter information.1 Under the act, political parties must “adopt a policy for the protection …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 15 May 2023 English

I join you virtually today from the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Huron-Wendat and Petun Nations and the current treaty holders the Mississaugas of the Credit. [...] The …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 15 May 2023

Anti-Black Racism at the CHRC The finding1 of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat that the Commission violated the non- discrimination clause of the collective agreement amplifies what has been …

CCLA: Canadian Civil Liberties Association · 17 April 2023 English

The public interest in the context of professional regulation is not the public interest writ large—it is limited to the public interest as it relates to the particular professional practice. …

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