In ordinary language, a crime is an unlawful act punishable by a state or other authority. The term crime does not, in modern criminal law, have any simple and universally accepted definition, though statutory definitions have been provided for certain purposes. The most popular view is that crime is a category created by law; in other words, something is a crime if declared as such by the relevant and applicable law. One proposed definition is that a crime or offence (or criminal offence) is an act harmful not only to some individual but also to a community, society, or the …



UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme · 17 February 2025 English

of UNEA resolution 5/8. Did you know? Illegal wildlife trade is the fourth largest transnational crime after drugs, weapons and human trafficking. .st1 { fill: #FFFFFF; } Subscribe to the UNEP newsletter

Greens/EFA: The Greens/European Free Alliance · 5 August 2024 English

and gender equality, and we stand firm against all forms of discrimination, hate speech and hate crime.

all forms of discrimination, hate speech and hate crime. Recently, millions of citizens have taken to

Oxfam GB · 19 July 2024 English

This report examines the systematic weaponization of water by the Government of Israel during its military campaign in Gaza. It highlights the severe water shortages and sanitation crises resulting from …

starvation as a method of war, which is a war crime’.31 The International Court of Justice has found war,40 which if established would itself be a war crime. Israel’s actions have deprived the entire population Intentionally depriving civilians of water is a war crime. The occupying power must ensure relief supplies Convention establishes that genocide is an international crime that must be prevented and punished, obligating method of warfare, which may constitute a war crime. The Council also condemned acts of violence in

Policy Press · 18 July 2024 English

Andrew Coyle, author of 'Prisons of the World', suggests what more can be done, other than the early release of prisoners, to address the current prison crisis. The post A …

GLA: Greater London Authority · 17 July 2024 English

The London Climate Resilience Review is an independent report commissioned by the Mayor of London to assess and enhance the city's preparedness for climate impacts. The review identifies six urgent …

reduced anxiety and mood disorders; decreased crime rates; and uplift property values.17 However, the

ECPAT UK: Every Child Protected Against Trafficking - UK · 17 July 2024 English

This report explores the heightened risks of human trafficking faced by unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the UK, specifically those accommodated in Home Office hotels. Through a combination of legal …

Research Group, and the Department of Security and Crime Science. ECPAT UK ECPAT UK is a leading children’s

NYU: New York University · 17 July 2024 English

After months of warnings, the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor announced on May 20 that he was seeking arrest warrants against top Israeli officials and Hamas commanders for alleged crimes

announced on May 20 that he was seeking arrest warrants against top Israeli officials and Hamas commanders for alleged crimes

NIPoRe: Nepal Institute for Policy Research · 14 July 2024 English

The country experienced the driest summer since 1981, with the heatwaves covering 80 percent of the country, leading to health emergencies, school closures, and the government considering the heatwaves a …

In the UK, the detailed hearings into alleged war crimes committed by SAS (see previous SABs for details) soldiers are likely and whistleblower to six years in prison for leaking classified information that exposed allegations of Australian war crimes about:blank South Asia

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 12 July 2024

A strong and timely policy response helped cushion the impact of the COVID19 pandemic and the energy crisis resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine. Despite a recovery slowdown in 2023, …

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 12 July 2024

The Gambian authorities continue democratic and justice reforms. Economic recovery is strengthening while inflation is progressively decelerating albeit remaining high. The 2023 fiscal outturns reflected good revenue performance, but capital …

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