Chaire Economie du Climat


Chaire Economie du Climat

In October 2010, CDC Climat and Paris-Dauphine University decided to reinforce their collaboration through the creation of the Climate Economics Chair (Chaire Economie du Climat). The CEC develops applied research programs, called "research initiatives", intended to develop new knowledge on the link between climate change and the functioning of economic systems. Several companies have joined the CEC by becoming partners of its research initiatives. The CEC has also developed partnerships with several academic institutions. The approach of the Chair fits in the French tradition of positive economics, emphasizing analysis and evaluation of existing or developing policies and economic instruments in the field of climate change. The CEC also contributes to the dissemination of scientific research by organizing conferences and meetings open to professionals and researchers. Researchers of the Climate Economics Chair participate in the teaching activities of the Master in Energy-Finance-Carbon at Paris-Dauphine University and several other specialized masters. The Chair is also a host institution for interns and PhD candidates. The Climate Economics Chair aims at developing applied research and stimulating didactic innovation in the field of climate change economics. Its team of researchers forms part of an international network of centers of excellence, working in conjunction with carbon market professionals and policy makers.
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