Climate Change

The complex politics of global warming results from numerous cofactors arising from the global economy's dependence on carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting fossil fuels; and because greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and N2O (mostly from agriculture) cause global warming.

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Public International Funding of Nature-based Solutions for Adaptation: A Landscape Assessment

WRI · 3 December 2021 English

pandemic. NbSA investments will be fundamentally important in helping many countries address climate change. In almost all circumstances, public capital will be highly valuable. Climate finance and official

important in helping many countries address climate change. In almost all circumstances, public capital investing in NbS to both mitigate and adapt to climate change (Griscom et al. 2017). Attention 4 | Relationships between the Natural Environment and Climate Change Adaptation by Sector Source: Global Commission the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by March 2020 included NbSA and/or used for a variety of objectives, including climate change mitigation and/or adaptation, biodiversity

Secondhand Shopping: Understanding Consumer Behavior toward Pre-owned Clothing in India

WRI · 5 October 2021 English

one of the respondents did not believe in climate change or the need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle

Increasing Climate Data and Ambition in Indonesia through Enhanced Transparency and Incentive …

WRI · 3 October 2021 English

Full executive summary available in the paper.

TRANSPARENCY AND INCENTIVE SCHEMES Context Climate change has the potential to hinder Indonesia’s progress Research Institute report found that by 2030, climate change will have a significant and negative effect the most damaging and disruptive effects of climate change (Metzger et al. 2018). The landmark Paris goal (IPCC 2018). At the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Katowice, Poland, countries between governments and the private sector on climate change also relate to enhancing climate ambition

Improving Access to the Green Climate Fund: How the Fund Can Better …

WRI · 3 October 2021 English

Highlights The Green Climate Fund is a globally important source of finance for projects in developing countries that address climate goals. Central to the GCF’s formation is an emphasis on …

the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the GCF is an important cornerstone in international internal systems and more effectively integrate climate change throughout their operations. It could also those domestic entities already acting on climate change by granting them access to greater resources in developing countries seeking to act on climate change. Table 1 | Number of Direct Access Entities Facility–Least Developed Countries Fund, Special Climate Change Fund   $50,000–300,000  $50,000 for proposals

Climate-induced Migration and Modern Slavery - a Toolkit for Policy makers

IIED · 20 September 2021 English

Climate change is devastating the planet, leading to intensifying global inequality as well as disputes over land, water and scarce resources. People are being driven to migrate within and across borders November and high-level bodies such as the World Bank and United Nations on the need to address climate change as a factor of modern slavery.

Drivers of modern slavery 13 Chapter 2: Is climate change a driver for modern slavery? 14 Chapter 3: migration and modern slavery 15 3.1 Does climate change policy recognise climate-induced migration 17 displacement and migration? 3.3 The climate change – human trafficking nexus 20 Chapter 4: Links Links between modern slavery, migration and climate change: 21 South Asia and West Africa 4.1 Case policy-makers 28 5.1 Addressing the links between climate change, 28 migration and modern slavery? 5.2 Recommendations

Appraisal Program Information Document (PID) - Tonga Second Resilience Development Policy Operation …

World Bank Group · 17 September 2021 English

public finances; (ii) enhance resilience to climate change, natural disasters, and health-related risks; public finances; (ii) enhance resilience to climate change, natural disasters, and health-related risks; also one of the countries most exposed to climate change and natural disasters in the world. The proposed (the third focus area) from the impacts of climate change, natural hazards, and health-related supports actions related to the themes of “Climate Change�?, “Jobs and Economic Transformation�? and

Ebb and Flow, Volume 2 : Water in the Shadow of Conflict …

World Bank Group · 17 September 2021 English

The Middle East and North Africa Region encapsulates many of the issues surrounding water and human mobility. It is the most water-scarce region in the world and is experiencing unprecedented …

........ 30 Looking Ahead: Soaring Demand, Climate Change, and the Changing Nature of Conflict ... LEBANON ..................... 99 BOXES Box 1.1 Climate Change, Population Growth, and the Middle East and Political Factors ...............13 Box 2.2 Climate Change in the Syrian Arab Republic .............. Risks on Migration Rates under Increasing Climate Change...........................16 Figure 2.2 Number Gracia (Senior Economist), Nathan Engle (Senior Climate Change Specialist), Nicolas Salazar Godoy (Social

Nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement - Synthesis Report

UNFCCC · 17 September 2021 English

This version of the synthesis report on nationally determined contributions synthesizes information from the 164 latest available nationally determined contributions communicated by the 191 Parties to the Paris Agreement and …

contribution IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPPU industrial processes and product use pollutant SR1.5 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C postponement from 2020 to 2021 of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow and the demonstrating increased ambition in addressing climate change. 6. Almost all Parties communicated an NDC Strengthening the Global Response to the Threat of Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Efforts to Eradicate

Climate change and migration in Ghana

DIIS · 17 September 2021 English

New data and insights on the role of governance

DIIS WORKING PAPER 2021: 10 4 ABSTRACT Climate change is widely expected to produce new and/or intensified However, research on the relationship between climate change and human mobility is limited, especially gap by examining the relationships between climate change, mobility and governance in Ghana and Ethiopia dynamics for further study. 1. INTRODUCTION Climate change and mobility are central dynamics of societies considered linked, with the expectation that climate change will produce new and/or intensified mobility

Living Conditions in Grenada : Poverty and Equity Update (English)

World Bank Group · 16 September 2021 English

This poverty and equity report provides updated poverty and inequality statistics from the Grenada Survey of Living Conditions and Household Budget Survey (SLCHBS) conducted between 2018 and 2019 by the …

and human activity. Moreover, the impacts of climate change could magnify and accelerate coastal erosion the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Female Male -10% -8% -6% -4% -2% 0% 2% especially vulnerable to natural disasters and other climate change impacts, including rising sea levels, drought

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