World Resources Institute


World Resources Institute

Type Research Center
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Year founded 1982
Location Washington, D.C. United States of America United States of America
Budget USD >100M
Functions Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags environment energy climate water agriculture and food social policy sustainability and sustainable development cities and urban development
See also GFW, WRI Brasil
Summary WRI's mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment for current and future generations. Its goals are to safeguard the Earth's climate from further harm due to greenhouse gas emissions and to help people adapt to unavoidable climate change; to protect the ecosystems upon which human well-being depends; to reduce the use of materials and generation of wastes in the production of the goods and services that improve people's lives; and to guarantee all people's access to environmental information and decisions regarding natural resources and the environment.

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WRI · 9 December 2022

The report estimates the socioeconomic impact of federal climate policies under three mitigation scenarios. These mitigation scenarios focus on tax incentives, climate-friendly infrastructure investments, and sector-based performance standards—many of which …

WRI · 8 December 2022

This paper uses subnational case studies to compare city and provincial electric mobility roadmaps and provides preliminary recommendations for Vietnamese cities based on case study observations. In addition, the paper …

WRI · 1 November 2022 English

In response to growing threats to clean water supplies due to climate change, growing populations and demand, and weak governance, many companies are assessing water risks to their operations. Increasingly, …

WRI · 6 October 2022

This comprehensive guide offers school districts and others an overview of the electric school bus market and a catalog ("Buyer's Guide") that presents electric school bus models available today with …

WRI · 3 October 2022 English

This paper discusses a roadmap for growing more trees outside forests across India. It analyzes the main public policies that incentivize landholders to embrace agroforestry and other approaches to growing …

WRI · 9 September 2022

This report aims to help commercially driven partnerships, grant funders and investors more effectively drive transformative Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) action by highlighting new approaches to finance. It is a …

WRI · 2 September 2022 English

Land restoration is an effective nature-based solution for combating rural poverty and climate change across Latin America. But without well-designed public incentives that reward farmers and forest managers for protecting …

WRI · 6 August 2022

This paper discusses about the challenges faced by commercial and industrial consumers (C&I) in adoption of renewable energy. Due to competitive prices of renewable energy, there are tendencies by the …

WRI · 6 July 2022

This paper provides a comprehensive and evolving framework for Paris-aligned passive investing, developed through expert consultations, using existing Paris Agreement-related frameworks, taxonomies, data sources, and principles. The framework is then …

WRI · 6 June 2022

If current trends continue, global food waste at the consumer stage will double by 2050. Reducing the amount wasted by consumers is critical for meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal …

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