Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier


Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier

Type NGO
Name in English Danish Institute for International Studies
Website diis.dk
Year founded 2003
Headquarters Copenhagen Denmark Denmark
Functions Research
Tags international development defense and security
Summary DIIS is an independent public research institution for international studies. We conduct and communicate multidisciplinary research and we aim to be agenda-setting in research, policy and public debate. DIIS researches foreign, security and development policy. The institute carries out basic research, policy analysis and commissioned research. DIIS features high in the international rankings of the world’s leading research institutes and think tanks, and the Institute publishes its research in both recognised academic journals and popular science formats.

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DIIS · 25 November 2021

The EU should make corporations accountable for their impacts in the global south

DIIS · 25 November 2021

Stærke intellektuelle på den yderste højrefløj promoverer en genrejsning af Europas oprindelige kulturer og civilisationer.

DIIS · 25 November 2021

New journal article on what unites and divides Far Right visions of Christian Democracy

DIIS · 24 November 2021

Understanding Beijing’s evolving statecraft

DIIS · 23 November 2021

Study on the 2014 Danish-led operation to remove chemical weapons from Syria unpacks the West’s tense but pragmatic relations with Russia

DIIS · 18 November 2021

Migration, aid and economic progress

DIIS · 17 November 2021

Origins, processes and actors of four Chinese mining projects in Greenland

DIIS · 16 November 2021

Moral concerns over violence against civilians and demoralization with the internal system of the military are two of the major drivers for defecting among soldiers in Myanmar, new DIIS-report shows. …

DIIS · 16 November 2021

Drivers, desires and development

DIIS · 16 November 2021

A uniting feature of Islamist visions are not their theocratic visions, but their multi-facetted critique of the secular

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