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CCEIA: Cyprus Center for Department of European Studies and International Relations · 19 September 2023 English

The reelection of President Erdogan in May this year coupled with the support of and dependence on far right political forces and the most conservative parliament in the country’s history …

Multilateral Dialogue Option, CIFE Studies: The EU in World Politics volume 1, 2021 CIFE_EBook_EU-Eastern_Mediterranean_2021

BESA: Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies · 18 September 2023 English

Starting in 2011, a number of Arab countries in the Middle East underwent a series of regime crises in what came to be known as the “Arab Spring.” While the …

interaction can be found in many arenas of world politics, this linkage has moved to the fore in the

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 14 September 2023 English

The aim of this monograph is to study the impact of Western sanctions on Russia in the contemporary global environment, and to assess the scope and limits of this tool …

for trade sanctions as a means of regulating world politics. President Woodrow Wilson urged Americans to

PILAR: Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar · 13 September 2023 Croatian

Također su ukazali na njihovu zainteresiranost za zbivanja u domovini i razinu ponosa na svoj identitet – s jedne strane, te globaliziranost, mobilnost i spremnost na nove prilike i mogućnosti …

(2004.): Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics, Public Affairs, New York. • Tomić, Zoran (2016

CEPR: Centre for Economic Policy Research · 13 September 2023 English

It has become commonplace to point to the displacement of labour and capital and often highly skewed distribution of the benefits of open trade and GVC-based international specialisation as drivers …

Pole of Power and the Pole of Indifference”, World Politics 4(1): 39-63. World Bank (2019), World development

IDOS: German Institute of Development and Sustainability · 13 September 2023

Far-reaching geopolitical upheavals have shaped international relations in the recent past. This policy brief discusses the new geopolitical and geo-economic context and its significance for the Global South and development …

(2021). The ‘Global South’ in the study of world politics: Examining a meta category. Third World Quarterly s/article/the-global-south-in-the-study-of-world-politics-examining-a-meta-category/ https://www.idos-research s/article/the-global-south-in-the-study-of-world-politics-examining-a-meta-category/

Stimson Center · 12 September 2023 English

It shows how carefully designed and responsible initiatives in cyber-governance, including the regulation of artificial intelligence, and in reinvigorated peacebuilding can benefit peoples and nations and influence the outcomes of …

Common Agenda Policy Brief 9: A New Agenda World Politics.” for Peace; Principles for Peace, The Peacemaking /abs/accountability-and-abuses-of-power-in-world-politics/BCC400328E33AF99037FEA3FBAC89A54?utm_campa /abs/accountability-and-abuses-of-power-in-world-politics/BCC400328E33AF99037FEA3FBAC89A54?utm_campa Keohane. “Accountability and Abuses of Power in World Politics.” American Political Science Review 99. no /abs/accountability-and-abuses-of-power-in-world-politics/BCC400328E33AF99037FEA3FBAC89A54?utm_campa

CEIP: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace · 12 September 2023 English

The rules of global order reveal critical alignments and differences between countries. An international contest to reshape them is intensifying.On the morning of June 3, 2023, the American destroyer Chung-Hoon …

define the obligations of sovereign states in world politics. Such episodes are increasingly common. Indeed unprecedented, if incomplete, degree of governance in world politics. Historically, one can distinguish among makers dampening the salience of nuclear arms in world politics. Meanwhile, China is rapidly expanding its remains one of the most contested issues in world politics. Stewart Patrick | 25 Since World War II

V-Dem: Varieties of Democracy Institute · 12 September 2023 English

Lindberg; as well as by internal grants from the Vice- Chancellor’s office, the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, and the Department of Political Science at University of Gothenburg. …

Stokes (2003). “Endogenous democratization”. In: World politics 55.4, pp. 517–549. Bradshaw, Samantha and Philip (1997). “Modernization: Theories and facts”. In: World politics 49.2, pp. 155–183. Rozenas, Arturas and Denis

UNU WIDER: United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research · 12 September 2023

WIDER Working Paper 2023/115-Taxation and accountability in sub-Saharan Africa

Taxation in Democracies and Dictatorships’. World Politics, 50(3): 349–76. ‘The Political Economy of the Resource Curse’. World Politics, 51(2): 297–322. Contract: States, Taxes, and Public Services’. World Politics, 57(4): 530– 67.

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