Fraser Institute

Fraser Institute

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1974
Location Vancouver, BC Canada Canada
Budget USD 5M-19M
Functions Advocacy, Education and training
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens
Tags economics social policy
See also AIMS
Summary The Institute was founded to redirect public attention to the roles that markets can play in providing for the economic and social wellbeing of Canadians. The Institute aims to present innovative market solutions to economic problems, expand debate on public policy, and positively influence policy formation in such areas as welfare reform, privatization, taxation, free trade, government debt, education, poverty, deregulation, healthcare, labor markets, economic restructuring, and the role of government. The Institute now has about 3,200 individual, corporate, and foundation supporters in Canada, the United States, and other countries.

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Fraser Institute · 28 September 2023 English

Despite common misperceptions, high levels of economic freedom—that is, relying more on entrepreneurs, businessowners and workers to make economic decisions rather than politicians and bureaucrats—drive Denmark’s high living standards. For …

Fraser Institute · 26 September 2023 English

Long wait times for surgical treatments have been a persistent issue in Canada and have worsened since the COVID-19 pandemic (Moir and Barua, 2022; Labrie, 2023). In an effort to …

Fraser Institute · 21 September 2023 English

The Canadian government’s plan to increase levels of permanent immigration is predicated on promoting overall economic growth by increasing the supply of labour. Whether and to what extent this goal …

Fraser Institute · 19 September 2023 English

The index published in Economic Freedom of the World measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries are supportive of economic freedom. The cornerstones of economic freedom …

Fraser Institute · 14 September 2023 English

Federal per-person program spending has reached unprecedented levels in recent years, which puts a heavy burden on Canadian taxpayers who are ultimately responsible for footing the bill either through taxes …

Fraser Institute · 12 September 2023 English

As part of the 2030 emission reduction plan, the federal government is planning to decarbonize the building sector by enhancing the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. In the …

Fraser Institute · 7 September 2023 English

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020, entire populations halted socializing, schooling, and commerce to “stay home and save lives” in the face of uncertainty about the …

Fraser Institute · 1 September 2023 English

Summary An analysis published by the Fraser Institute in 2022 broke down job-creation data from recent years to compare net job creation in the public and private sectors. That study …

Fraser Institute · 29 August 2023 English

This study reviews changes in education spending on public schools in Canada from 2012/13 to 2020/21. The results clearly demonstrate that education spending on public schools has increased nationally and …

Fraser Institute · 24 August 2023 English

Summary Out of the 14 Canadian CMAs included in the study, only two are in the top half of the overall rankings, and their placement is only slightly above the …

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