House of Commons Library

House of Commons Library

Type Government
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Year founded 1818
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Education and training, Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Summary The House of Commons Library is the library and information resource of the lower house of the British Parliament. It was established in 1818, although its original 1828 construction was destroyed during the burning of Parliament in 1834. The Commons Library publishes politically impartial policy analysis and statistical research, free for all to read. Explore quick-read articles, in-depth research, and interactive data visualisations.

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House of Commons Library · 10 November 2023

The UAE has outlined four themes for COP28: technology and innovation, inclusion, frontline communities, and finance. Global stocktake The UAE has called for nations to reflect on progress towards goals …

House of Commons Library · 29 September 2022

This briefing sets out information on the levels and rates of poverty in the UK, including historical trends and forecasts for future years, as well as poverty by employment status, …

House of Commons Library · 2 March 2022 English

In early November 2021, Russia began building up military forces along its border with Ukraine. Over 100,000 Russian troops and military assets were deployed in western Russia and Crimea. Further …

House of Commons Library · 1 March 2022 English

Sanctions aimed at Russia have been in place since 2014, following its annexation of Crimea and ongoing role in the destabilisation of eastern Ukraine. In the build-up to the current …

House of Commons Library · 25 February 2022 English

On 21 February 2022, Russian President Putin announced Russia would formally recognise the areas of the Donbas under the control of Russianbacked separatist forces, as independent sovereign states. President Putin …

House of Commons Library · 18 February 2022 English

This Briefing summarises the build up of Russian forces from November 2021, Russia's 'Red Lines', the international and diplomatic response and posits what may happen next.

House of Commons Library · 18 February 2022 English

A Research Briefing by UK's House of Commons Library. In early November 2021 Russia began building up its military forces along the borders of Ukraine, for the second time in …

House of Commons Library · 16 February 2022 English

Nord Stream 2 (NS2) is a natural gas pipeline that directly connects Russia to Germany, via the Baltic Sea. It was launched in 2015 by Nord Stream 2 AG, a …

House of Commons Library · 27 November 2012

The organisation of every stage of education has undergone significant change over the last century. These changes have fundamentally altered most aspects of education. Historical indicators are therefore particularly interesting, …

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