International Institute for Sustainable Development


International Institute for Sustainable Development

Type NGO
Year founded 1990
Headquarters Canada Canada
Functions Research
Tags environment energy trade economics climate social policy sustainability and sustainable development
Summary The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) contributes to sustainable development by making recommendations on policies regarding international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change and energy, management of natural and social capital as well the enabling role of information technologies in these areas. We report on international negotiations and share the knowledge we have acquired through collaborative projects. This translates into more rigorous research, capacity development in developing countries. development, better networks between North and South as well as better global connections between researchers, practitioners, citizens and policy makers.

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IISD · 25 November 2021

The time to coordinate and fund Canada's vibrant culture of Community-based Water Monitoring (CbWM) is NOW. In this new report and shorter policy brief we explain: WHY CbWM is a …

IISD · 24 November 2021

As extreme weather events become more common, young people throughout Canada are looking at how they can influence climate policy and inspire change.

IISD · 24 November 2021

For too long, the way we produce and consume products has unintentionally harmed people and the planet. The processes through which commodities such as tea leaves are plucked by farmers …

IISD · 24 November 2021

11 countries have now completed or entered the final stage in the sign-up process for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which will enter into force on January 1, 2022.

IISD · 23 November 2021

This year, the world's freshwater laboratory's annual report brings you a twist on one of our iconic yellow field notebooks.

IISD · 22 November 2021

The newly published World Trade Report 2021 examines why our interconnected global trading system is both more vulnerable and more resilient to crises and what can be done to make …

IISD · 19 November 2021

A global minimum corporate tax will require many states to review their policies that may include tax incentives that are locked in by fiscal stabilization clauses.

IISD · 18 November 2021

To improve lives and livelihoods, we must recognize the value of nature and the infrastructure it provides when making investment decisions.

IISD · 18 November 2021

What does the future of farming on the Canadian Prairies look like under climate change? This report summarizes climate risks to, and impacts from, agriculture in the Canadian Prairies. It …

IISD · 18 November 2021

Gender-related provisions are becoming more and more common in trade agreements. But to what extent do they help —or hinder —efforts to achieve gender equality? This report analyzes the success …

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