Langaa RPCIG

Langaa RPCIG

Type Publisher
Headquarters Bamenda Cameroon Cameroon
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research
Tags africa
Summary The mission of Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group (Langaa RPCIG) is to contribute to the cultural development and renaissance of Africa. This is achieved by conducting research, providing training in research and writing, and publishing and promoting African scholarship.


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The Power in the Writer: Collected Essays on Culture, Democracy and Development …

Langaa RPCIG English

The book examines the creative industries of Cameroon and Africa and makes bold the cultural triumphant assertion that Africa is home to some of the most diverse cultural patrimony and …

Gender, Discourse and Power in the Cameroonian Parliament:

Langaa RPCIG English

This book investigates gender and power relations in the Cameroonian parliament using a critical discourse analytical approach, which focuses on social issues and seeks to expose unequal relations within institutions. …

The New World Order Ideology and Africa: Understanding and Appreciating Ambiguity, Deceit …

Langaa RPCIG English

The New World Order Ideology expressed in the form of neoliberal globalization has been used by numerous politicians, scholars and media men through the ages. It refers to a worldwide …

Les Mbengis - Migration, Gender, and Family: The moral economy of transnational …

Langaa RPCIG English

This book is about transnational migration (familiarly called “bushfalling”) and remittance flows to Cameroon. With the current dire economic state, Cameroonians increasingly aspire to go abroad to make a living. …

Assault on Paradise: Perspectives on Globalization and Class Struggles

Langaa RPCIG English

Globalization is a term that describes the contradictory economic, political, and cultural processes of world capitalist integration. Although capitalism has been of a global character since the 1400s, the current …

Climate Change and the Management of Natural Systems in Cameroon:

Langaa RPCIG English

This book emphasises that planning is essential, as the conservation approaches of the past may not work in an ever-changing warmer environment. It appraises current management strategies, assesses the biological …

Ethnicity, Citizenship and State in Eastern Africa:

Langaa RPCIG English

This volume, from an Africa perspective, examines the relationship between ethnicity and citizenship within the framework of nation-state. Its objective and scope engage relational aspects of political integration, awaken public …

Theorising Development in Africa: Towards Building an African Framework of Development

Langaa RPCIG English

How come Africa is so underdeveloped when it is one of the richest continents on earth? The present volume is an attempt to theorise Africa’s [under-]development with a view to …

Road Companion to Democracy and Meritocracy: Further Essays from an African Perspective

Langaa RPCIG English

Each of the essays in this book is marked by a certain simplicity and clarity, a seriousness tinged with humour, masking a profundity that are unmistakably characteristic of Godfrey B. …

Sur la philosophie africaine: Critique de l-ethnophilosophie

Langaa RPCIG French

Many contemporary African writers remain trapped in the quest for a worldview, philosophy, supposing a single -African- demesne to explain the entire continent, referring to a mythical past. Paulin Hountondji …

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