Langaa RPCIG

Langaa RPCIG

Type Other
Headquarters Bamenda Cameroon Cameroon
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research
Tags africa
Summary The mission of Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group (Langaa RPCIG) is to contribute to the cultural development and renaissance of Africa. This is achieved by conducting research, providing training in research and writing, and publishing and promoting African scholarship.

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Challenge of Culture in Africa: From Restoration to Integration

Langaa RPCIG English

This book was first published as a two-part essay in 1965 and 1967 in ABBIA - Cameroon Cultural Review - under the title -Idea of Culture-. Its main argument is …

Dynamiques de l ethnicite en Afrique: Elements pour une theorie de l …

Langaa RPCIG French

How does one think about the form of the State in its management of conflicting ethnic groups in positive light in Africa in the present and in the future? Ethnic …

Elements of African Bioethics in a Western Frame:

Langaa RPCIG English

For millennia, Africans have lived on the African continent, in close contact with the diversities of nature: floral, faunal and human; and in so doing they have developed cultures, values, …

Africa's Political Wastelands: The Bastardization of Cameroon: The Bastardization of Cameroon

Langaa RPCIG English

Africa?s Political Wastelands explores and confirms the fact that because of irresponsible, corrupt, selfish, and unpatriotic kleptocrats parading as leaders, the ultimate breakdown of order has become the norm in …

Leveraging Educational Quality in Southern African Educational Systems: A Practitioners- Perspective

Langaa RPCIG English

In the last two decades, erosion in the quality and effectiveness of education systems especially in sub-Saharan Africa has been compounded by factors -such as exogenous pressures precipitated by unsystematic …

Aspects of Real Estate Theory and Practice in Zimbabwe: An Exploratory Text

Langaa RPCIG English

The subject of real estate is increasingly becoming important, especially in the countries of the developing world. States and governments realise that real estate is a corner stone of socio-economic …

Environment and Natural Resource Conservation and Management in Mozambique:

Langaa RPCIG Japanese

This is an eloquent, engaged and extremely well informed narrative of the environmental and natural resource conservation and management issues in Mozambique. While the topics in this volume are diverse, …

Valeurs religieuses et d-veloppement durable: Une approche d-ananlyse des institutions des Bamil-k- …

Langaa RPCIG French

This book addresses the key issues of reinstating the veritable nature of African values and most specifically those of the Bamilikes that had been discarded since Western Christianity came into …

State of a Union: The Half Century of Cameroon-s Bicultural Experience

Langaa RPCIG English

The bicultural polity of Cameroon has become problematic over the years. In addition to the increasing marginalization experienced by its English speaking component in many domains (politics, administration, economy, culture), …

Socialism: The Only Practical Alternative to Contemporary Capitalism:

Langaa RPCIG English

Since the end of World War II, global capitalism, spearheaded by US financial interests and backed by the most lethal military force that has ever been assembled, has consolidated its …

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