African Studies

African studies is the study of Africa, especially the continent's cultures and societies (as opposed to its geology, geography, zoology, etc.). The field includes the study of Africa's history (Pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial), demography (ethnic groups), culture, politics, economy, languages, and religion (Islam, Christianity, traditional religions). A specialist in African studies is often referred to as an "africanist". A key focus of the discipline is to interrogate epistemological approaches, theories and methods in traditional disciplines using a critical lens that inserts African-centred ways of knowing and references. Africanists argue that there is a need to "deexoticize" Africa and banalise it, rather …

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Danish desires to export and outsource camps outside Europe

DIIS · 7 April 2021 English

Will outsourcing asylum solve the migration and refugee crisis?

in Post-2013 Morocco. The Journal of North African Studies. DOI: 10.1080/13629387.2020.1800209.

Revenues on the hoof

DIIS · 6 April 2021 English

Livestock trade, taxation and state-making in the Somali territories

on?journalCode=rjea20 Journal of Eastern African Studies ISSN: (Print) (Online) Journal homepage: https://www the Somali territories, Journal of Eastern African Studies, 15:1, 108-127, DOI: 10.1080/17531055.2020 JOURNAL OF EASTERN AFRICAN STUDIES 2021, VOL. 15, NO. 1, 108–127 would like to add three JOURNAL OF EASTERN AFRICAN STUDIES 109 observations regarding ‘state’, mobility livestock sold in Somaliland JOURNAL OF EASTERN AFRICAN STUDIES 111 markets. After 1991, female jeeble emerged

Africa's Latent Assets

NBER · 25 March 2021 English

First, success in African society is talent driven and Africa has experienced high levels of perceived and actual social mobility. Africans are the most multilingual people in the world, have high levels of religious tolerance, and are welcoming to strangers. The experience of navigating cultural and linguistic diversity sets Africans up for success in a globalized world.

“safeguard ... autonomy” but the literature on African studies suggests several ideas. One, due to Horton aspects of the Mamprusi kingship, Cambridge: African Studies Centre. 41 Campbell, Joseph (1988) Historical

Deadly Denial: Xenophobia Governance and the Global Compact for Migration in South …

Southern African Migration Programme · 27 January 2021 English

same time, evidence of intensifying xenophobic sentiment in the South is accumulating in disparate settings including in India, Singapore, the Gulf, Latin America and the Caribbean, and several West African and Southern African countries.

African Renaissance.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 30(2): 291-316. 10. Burke, J. (2019). “’We Social Attitudes Survey.” Journal of Southern African Studies, 44: 1005-1021. 35. Dube, G. (2019). “Black Foreigners, 2003-2012.” Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 33: 494-509. 46. Gordon, S. (2016b). “Welcoming tivity in South Africa” Journal of Southern African Studies, 39: 77–97. 57. Hiropoulos, A. (2019). “South Violence in South Africa.” Journal of Asian and African Studies, 43: 586- 594.

Home-based work and homework in Ghana : an exploration

ILO · 2021 English

This research report explores the nature and character of home-based work and the more narrow concept of homework in Ghana. As labour statistics on home-based work and homework are absent, …

Sociology and Director of the Institute of African Studies (IAS) at the University of Ghana. Tsikata’s had postgraduate degrees in various fields (African Studies, Wire and Mobile Applications and film making)

Hashtags and Spectacles: Zimbabwe's Feminist Activists Find Online Avenues to Tackle Government's …

ACSUS · 18 December 2020 English

Feminist critiques, activism and the feminist movement have long played a key role at significant political junctures in Zimbabwe, challenging the male domination of political and public spaces, as well …

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA). Journal of African Studies and Development, 5(8), 261–270. Mavhunga

The Death Knell for the Mighty Somali Shilling: The Causes and Effects …

SIDRA · 15 December 2020 English

The Somali shilling is prone to sudden exchange rate increases and shocks. It has lost more than 30 percent of its value in a matter of three weeks between August …

the 1980s, Journal Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies, 17(2) ISSN 0041-5715; 1989. Available at

COVID-19 in Africa: A Continent’s Response to a Global Crisis

IFRI · 7 December 2020 English

Sina Schlimmer is a Research Fellow at the French Institute of International Relations - Ifri's African Studies Center. Article published in Politique étrangère , Vol. 85, No. 4, Winter 2020-2021.

Institute of International Relations - Ifri's African Studies Center.   Article published in Politique

Horn of Africa Bulletin, November - December 2020, Volume 32, Issue 2

Life & Peace Institute · 1 December 2020 English

Countries emerging from violent conflicts or repressive authoritarian rule and seeking to transition into a more peaceful and democratic dispensation, face the inevitable challenge of designing and implementing justice, reconciliation …

Extraordinary Professor of African Studies, at the Centre for African Studies, University of Free State Tim Murithi is Extraordinary Professor of African Studies, Centre for African and Gender Studies, University Northern Kenya, 1962–1991,” Journal of Eastern African Studies, 8:4, 658- 676, DOI: 10.1080/17531055.2014

Racial and Ethnic Segregation within Colleges

Urban Institute · 30 November 2020 English

Although increasing the racial and ethnic diversity on college campuses is a key component of any broad policy agenda aimed at reducing structural inequality, access to higher education does not …

German studies majors are white and most African studies majors are Black. But it is clear that certain

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