Notre Europe

Notre Europe

Notre Europe

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1996
Headquarters Paris France France
Functions Research
Tags current events public knowledge
Summary Our aim is to produce analyses and proposals targeting European decision-makers and a wider audience, and to contribute to the debate on the European Union.

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Notre Europe · 11 January 2022 English

Do we still need to prove the merits of cross-border coopera- tion in the aftermath of the wildfire spread of coronavirus and on the back of the extraordinary success of …

Notre Europe · 5 January 2022 English

This major initiative of the von der Leyen Commission strives to address the tension between the “responsibility” of countries of first entry and the “solidarity” from second-line countries to share …

Notre Europe · 17 December 2021 French

DELORS, Discours devant le Parlement européen à l’occasion du débat d’investiture de la nouvelle Commission, 10 février 1993, selon lequel « le sous-emploi est à la racine de beaucoup des …

Notre Europe · 17 December 2021 English

While all of the 22 NRRPs that have been approved so far by the European Commission and the Council of the EU fulfil the 37% green investment objective, reaching close …

Notre Europe · 14 December 2021 English

From the start of his presidency of the Commission, he stated the importance of education and training in an address to the European Parliament: “I wish to insist, in an …

Notre Europe · 14 December 2021 English

Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors Since then, “Thinking Europe” has become The stimulus package and the debt the shared motto of the Delors Institutes contracted by the Commission on …

Notre Europe · 29 November 2021 English

IJD_info_PFUE_EN_A4 2YEARS O5F The French Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Short ride in a fast machine1? A history of French Presidencies of the Council of the EU …

Notre Europe · 29 November 2021 English

With the gas market growing and the subsequent opening of the European market, gas started to be traded as a commodity and its link to oil weakened In the early …

Notre Europe · 23 November 2021 French

Cette représentation 5 ▪ 48 française de la pratique politique a des conséquences sur l’appréhension de la réalité et de la complexité de la vie politique à l’échelle de l’Union …

Notre Europe · 18 November 2021 English

FIGURE 1 ▪ Distribution of the building stock in the EU per Energy Performance Certificates class Source: While the link between climate mitigation and large-scale deep-renovation is widely acknowledged by …

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