Notre Europe

Notre Europe

Notre Europe

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1996
Location Paris France France
Functions Research
Tags current events public knowledge
Summary Our aim is to produce analyses and proposals targeting European decision-makers and a wider audience, and to contribute to the debate on the European Union.

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Notre Europe · 2 August 2022 English

It is more a case of net migra- parallel to this phenomenon is an increase tion, and particularly the large exodus of in the average age of mothers, which in …

Notre Europe · 28 July 2022 French

En conséquence, en 2019, environ 25% de l’énergie consommée dans l’Union provenait de Russie.20 En France, la dépendance à l’égard de la Russie se chiffre actuelle- ment à moins de …

Notre Europe · 26 July 2022 French

I IMAGE DE L’UE nettement en Grèce, à Chypre, en Espagne, et en Croatie ; de manière moins accentuée L’image de l’UE est également en hausse de en Autriche, en …

Notre Europe · 5 July 2022 English

But EU trade policy, pillar of the agenda of the French Presidency of based on the exclusive competence of the EU, the Council of the EU.2 Today, isolating Russia is …

Notre Europe · 4 July 2022 English

leaves This infographic gives an overview of the state of play on parents’ rights in the EU.* in the EU * The infographic presents a simplified version of the complex …

Notre Europe · 27 June 2022 English

Can a minimum price on carbon accelerate the adoption of clean technologies? 7 CLEANTECH FOR EUROPE 02 Approaches to designing a carbon price floor Can a minimum price on carbon …

Notre Europe · 17 June 2022 French

Merci aussi à la photographe Juliette Seguin, dont les clichés volés à travers le continent rendent bien compte de la joie de jouer de la musique et d’en écouter. [...] …

Notre Europe · 15 June 2022 English

The Parliament reinforced the text in several ways, for ins- tance by making in-work poverty and a national basket of goods and services at real prices into two of the …

Notre Europe · 15 June 2022 English

In addition, the plan intends to generate €20bn in new grants through the auctioning of Emission Trading System (ETS) allowances from the existing Market Stability Reserve and to allow the …

Notre Europe · 14 June 2022 English

To prevent this development stability of the EU and the continent at a as well as overcoming the Yalta order and time of the resurgence of war on its territo- …

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