Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Type Nonprofit
Year founded 1987
Headquarters London United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Grants awarded: January 2021

Paul Hamlyn Foundation · 9 June 2021 English

This grant extends core funding alongside a package of support towards strategic and operational development and growth, in particular to consolidate and invest in infrastructure and capacity to ensure sustainability. …

A Huge Gulf: - Demand and Supply for Immigration Legal Advice in …

Paul Hamlyn Foundation · 8 June 2021 English

Supply and Demand 4 L ondon has 40 per cent of the offi ces holding legal aid contracts in England and Wales, and more than half of the offi ces …

Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Strategy brochure 2020

Paul Hamlyn Foundation · 28 September 2020 English

Paul Hamlyn Foundation - Strategy brochure 2020

An overview of immigration advice services in England and Wales

Paul Hamlyn Foundation · 2 July 2020 English

This was to be addressed by providing an overview of the immigration legal sector, examining the diff erent types of immigration advisers, assessing the impact of the changes to legal …

Methods of increasing the capacity of immigration advice provision - Executive Summary

Paul Hamlyn Foundation · 5 May 2020 English

About the research Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) and Trust for London commissioned Methods of Increasing Capacity of Immigration Advice Provision to explore the range of methods NFPs of immigration and …

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