Resolution Foundation

Resolution Foundation

Type Foundation
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2005
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags economics social policy
Summary The Resolution Foundation is a non-partisan and award-winning think-tank that works to improve the living standards of those in Britain on low to middle incomes. They conduct authoritative analytical research on living standards in the UK and produce effective policy solutions that help shape the debate on economic and social policy.

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Resolution Foundation · 20 September 2023 English

The work of the Inquiry will be brought together in a final report in 2023 that will set out a renewed economic strategy for the UK to enable the country …

Resolution Foundation · 11 September 2023 English

Figures 1 and 2 present a snapshot of the Resolution Foundation’s analysis of changes in the distribution of wealth and property between the generations during the last few decades. [...] …

Resolution Foundation · 6 September 2023 English

S P OT L I G H T Reassessing the Work Capability Assessment What might the proposed changes to the Work Capability Assessment mean for low-to-middle income families? 6 September …

Resolution Foundation · 5 September 2023 English

One could see the temporary payments as being a form of compensation for the fact that benefit entitlement increases lag rises in the cost of living, and the end of …

Resolution Foundation · 14 August 2023 English

Additionally, more than half (54 per cent) of the poorest fifth of English families, three-times as many as among the richest fifth (18 per cent), live in homes liable of …

Resolution Foundation · 13 August 2023 English

Winding the clock further back shows that the level of industrial action in the 1970s was much higher than it is today; in some years, the number of days lost …

Resolution Foundation · 17 July 2023 English

Households in the middle of the wealth distribution have been the biggest beneficiaries of asset price changes since the onset of the pandemic. [...] On the other hand, households in …

Resolution Foundation · 5 July 2023 English

The aim is to improve the quality of jobs across all regions of the UK and across all segments of the workforce. Following the approach in Rodrik and Stantcheva, we …

Resolution Foundation · 3 July 2023 English The Economy 2030 Inquiry | Sharing the benefits 25 age households in the bottom fifth of the income distribution get just over half their income from the labour market, …

Resolution Foundation · 29 June 2023 English

Over recent decades, the Danish labour market has performed comparatively well. Denmark has exhibited not only a low unemployment rate, but also rising employment and high job mobility across shifting …

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