Social Market Foundation


Social Market Foundation

Type Foundation
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1989
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Corporations, Foundations or grants, University-funded
Tags environment energy education economics governance employment social policy
Summary SMF undertakes and commissions original research and writing on a range of public policy issues where understanding both the vitality of markets and the need for social consent can advance debate and help to shape new ideas. It develops ideas that are pro-market but not laissez-faire, setting markets in their social context and recognizing that outside the realm of theory they are underpinned by social consent. Unlike think tanks of the orthodox right, SMF believes in promoting sustainable welfare systems; and unlike think tanks of the established left, its agenda is to make these welfare systems provide better service to consumers through more effective competition and choice.

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SMF · 27 July 2022 English

In the debate over in-work poverty, the human costs of living on low incomes often get lost. In-depth interviews with people in work and living below the poverty line present …

SMF · 25 July 2022 English

So by the winter, we're going to have to change the way that we're doing things to be able to just keep going.” Confusion over the price cap. [...] The …

SMF · 25 July 2022 English

The low income group ended with participants concluded that the government should cap energy prices (eve though the price cap had been explained earlier in the discussion). [...] The idea …

SMF · 4 July 2022 English

sMmaf.rckoe.utk F | o@usmndftahtinioktnank Overview 1 Outline and key findings 2 Spending on childcare 3 Childcare and work 4 Next steps Childcare costs and poverty | July 2022 Social Market …

SMF · 3 July 2022 English

And sadly, all too often politicians go with the flow of such opinions, rather than having the honesty and courage to tell the public that some of the things they …

SMF · 20 June 2022 English

Building on the precedents of the Joint Authorities Cash Strategy Group (JACS)i and the Cash Action Groupii (CAG) the Government should convene a taskforce with the banking industry, relevant UK …

SMF · 13 June 2022 English

Specific concerns included: • Insufficient data collection about the impact of legal problems, the experiences of users of the courts, the organisation and management of the administration of justice and …

SMF · 10 June 2022 English

27 For example, it refers to the “common 6 ON BORROWED TIME but differentiated responsibilities” framework under the Paris Agreement (whereby richer nations bear the greater proportion of the responsibility …

SMF · 8 June 2022 English

THE SOCIAL MARKET FOUNDATION The Foundation’s main activity is to commission and publish original papers by independent academics and other experts on key topics in the economic and social fields, …

SMF · 12 May 2022 English

• A key downside of going down the route of a simplified road pricing scheme is that it would limit the ability to use motoring taxation to curb congestion in …

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