United Cities and Local Governments


United Cities and Local Governments

Type IGO
Website uclg.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2004
Location Barcelona Spain Spain
Functions Advocacy
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags local government cities metropolitan areas subnational government regions
See also GOLD
Summary UCLG is the largest organization of sub-national governments in the world, with over 240,000 members in over 140 UN Member States. As a global network of cities and local, regional, and metropolitan governments and their associations, it s committed to representing, defending, and amplifying the voices of local and regional governments to leave no-one and no place behind. The organisation's work programme focuses on: Increasing the role and influence of local government and its representative organisations in global governance; Becoming the main source of support for democratic, effective, innovative local government close to the citizen; and Ensuring an effective and democratic global organisation

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