Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice is the process by which the legal system of a government is executed. The presumed goal of such an administration is to provide justice for all those accessing the legal system. The phrase is also commonly used to describe a University degree (Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice), which can be a prerequisite for a job in law enforcement or government.



Cato Institute · 16 April 2024 English

Petitioner Nancy Martin is 79 years old and was a respected member of her community, as well as the longtime administrator for two healthcare companies. Around 2005, however, she began …

the proper, efficient, and just administration of justice. NACDL’s members, who practice in the 1971, “is an essential component of the administration of justice. Properly administered, it is to be encouraged bargains have become so central to the administration of justice,” Missouri v. Frye, 566 U.S. 134, 143

CIGI: Centre for International Governance Innovation · 16 April 2024 English

A field with its roots established in the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) is suddenly much more in the public eye and capable of doing useful things for casual users as …

social-scoring purposes and management; administration of justice and thereby causing detrimental or unfavourable

AALCO: Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization · 16 April 2024 English

The Verbatim Record of Discussions contains the texts of the statements of the Inaugural Session, the three meetings of the Delegations of the Member States, five general meetings and the …

technologies in the field of law for administration of justice is an extreme requirement of modern era

R Street Institute · 15 April 2024 English

The availability heuristic causes about the frequency of a people to make subconscious judgments about the frequency of a phenomenon phenomenon based on their awareness of similar events based on …

President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice concluded that police brutality was not President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice, “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society

Law Council of Australia · 12 April 2024 English

Under proposed section 199C(2), the Minister may direct the non-citizen to do a thing, or not do a thing, if the Minister is satisfied that the non-citizen doing, or not …

defends the rule of law; and promotes the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement

CLD: Centre for Law and Democracy · 11 April 2024 English

5 The right to freedom of expression is also found in the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights,6 to which the Republic of Congo is also a State party.7 …

applies at all stages of the system of the administration of justice, including during court proceedings, with in such situations, in addition to an administration of justice response. If certain media outlets are

Law Council of Australia · 10 April 2024 English

The relevant principles may include the law of contract, the law of fiduciary duty, the law which protects confidential information, the law with respect to legal professional privilege, the law …

Paramount duty to the court and the administration of justice…………………...15 4. Other fundamental ethical public interest in the rule of law and administration of justice. The professional commitment to abide reputation of the legal profession and the administration of justice by providing clarity for solicitors, their practitioners are an essential component to the administration of justice and the rule of law. Of the legal profession clients and the public interest in the administration of justice from a legal practitioner who displays

RAND Corporation · 9 April 2024 English

This report presents findings from a statewide evaluation of the Indigent Defense Grant Program, which provided supplemental funding to public defenders' offices in small to medium-sized counties in California beginning …

6; California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, Final Report, June 30, 2008. 16 Fresno

World Bank Group · 8 April 2024 English

This guide presents the Landscape Governance Assessment Tool (LGAT) and the Decision Support System (DSS). It is intended for people addressing a variety of problems linked to forested landscapes, such …

quality of law, good process, and good administration of justice? 24. Does the government have sufficient quality of law, good process, and good administration of justice? 24. Does the government have sufficient

Law Council of Australia · 3 April 2024 English

• While the Law Council supports the Bill’s prohibition on questions relating to a vulnerable person’s sexual reputation, the court should not be restricted to only granting leave to adduce …

defends the rule of law; and promotes the administration of justice, access to justice and general improvement humanity, war crimes, crimes against the administration of justice by the International Criminal Court, torture

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