Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice is the process by which the legal system of a government is executed. The presumed goal of such an administration is to provide justice for all those accessing the legal system. The phrase is also commonly used to describe a University degree (Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice), which can be a prerequisite for a job in law enforcement or government.

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Amnesty International's recommendations to states under review in UPR38 (May 2021)

Amnesty International · 1 April 2021 English

This compilation of recommendations are made to seven of the states under review in the 38th session of the UN Universal Periodic Review (Belgium, Denmark, Mozambique, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Singapore …

Amend or repeal the Sedition Act, the Administration of Justice Act, the Protection from Online Falsehoods

Forgotten Behind Bars: COVID-19 and Prisons

Amnesty International · 18 March 2021 English

The spread of COVID-19 in prisons and other detention facilities has thrown into stark relief systemic threats to health in detention such as overcrowding and poor sanitary conditions and laid …

for Human Rights, Human rights in the administration of justice, UN Doc. A/HRC/42/20, 21 August 2019.

Mexico's Parliament and other political institutions

EPRS · 21 January 2021 English

The United Mexican States is the third-largest country in Latin America, with the second-largest economy and population. It is a federal republic, composed of 31 states plus Mexico City. The …

strengthening its institutions to improve the administration of justice and the fight against corruption. The

The Council of Europe's Consultative Council of European Prosecutors: Concept, Functioning and …

Council of Europe · 2021 English

The Guide describes the activity, functions and tasks of the Council of Europe’s Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) and includes a compilation of the opinions prepared by the CCPE …

prosecutors … is essential for the proper administration of justice.”37 It is therefore a complex issue, legal arguments necessary for the fair administration of justice.” 40. Relationship between public prosecutors role of Judges and Prosecutors in the Administration of Justice is recognised while admitting the independence for the fair, impartial and effective administration of justice. Judges and public prosecutors must both

The Human Freedom Index 2020

Fraser Institute · 17 December 2020 English

The Human Freedom Index is the most comprehensive freedom index so far created for a globally meaningful set of countries representing 94 percent of the world’s population. The HFI covers …

kind, except in self-defense or in the administration of justice, reduces personal freedom or, in the

Labor Management Plan Nile Cooperation for Climate Resilience (P172848)

World Bank Group · 18 November 2020 English

policies, behavioural social status and the administration of justice that might impact workers: i. Executive iii. Directives and Circulars on the Administration of Justice · Contact details for officers to facilitate Chairman of the National Council on the Administration of Justice issued – 21st April, 2020 iv. Judiciary

Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - KENYA COVID-19 HEALTH EMERGENCY RESPONSE …

World Bank Group · 16 November 2020 English

ACRONYMS CAJ - Commission for the Administration of Justice CAS - Cabinet Assistant Secretary

Willing to Kill: Factors Contributing to Mob Justice in Uganda

Afrobarometer · 16 November 2020 English

Mob justice is a form of extrajudicial punishment or retribution in which a person suspected of wrongdoing is typically humiliated, beaten, and in many cases killed by vigilantes or a …

prosecutions, and otherwise participate in the administration of justice. According to Afrobarometer findings

Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Judicial Performance Improvement - P105269

World Bank Group · 22 October 2020 English

enhancing citizen engagement in the administration of justice through court- user committees (132 grants

Disclosable Version of the ISR - Judicial Performance Improvement - P105269 - …

World Bank Group · 21 October 2020 English

enhancing citizen engagement in the administration of justice through court- user committees (132 grants

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