Adolescence (from Latin adolescere 'to grow up') is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood (age of majority). Adolescence is usually associated with the teenage years, but its physical, psychological or cultural expressions may begin earlier and end later. For example, puberty now typically begins during preadolescence, particularly in females. Physical growth (particularly in males) and cognitive development can extend into the early twenties. Thus, age provides only a rough marker of adolescence, and scholars have found it difficult to agree upon a precise definition of adolescence.A thorough …

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Amnesty International Report 2020/21: The state of the world's human rights

Amnesty International · 7 April 2021 English

The Amnesty International Report 2020/21 documents the human rights situation in 149 countries in 2020, as well as providing global and regional analysis. It presents Amnesty lnternational's concerns and calls …

aged between 10 and 14, and 9,382 births to adolescents aged 15 to 19. In June, Peru’s Ombudsperson’s

Tool for Investors

UNICEF · 5 April 2021 English

on Integrating Children’s Rights Into ESG Assess

Problems surrounding child labour among adolescents can be symptomatic of a lack of vocational education towards employing children under 18. As a result, adolescents seeking to enter export- oriented industries child. Problems surrounding child labour among adolescents can be symptomatic of a lack of vocational education opportunities. Total prohibitions on employing adolescents, even in age-appropriate roles, deny them opportunities under safe and age-appropriate conditions for adolescents, rather than excluding them entirely from the

Weekly Epidemiological Record, 2021, vol. 96, 13 [‎full issue]‎

WHO · 2 April 2021

8 p

Santé et développement des enfants et des adolescents Cholera Choléra

Back to School: The Effect of School Visits During COVID-19 on COVID-19 …

NBER · 1 April 2021 English

Schools across the United States and the world have been closed in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. However, the effect of school closure on COVID-19 transmission remains …

meta-analysis of 32 studies concluded that children and adolescents younger than 20 years had 44 percent lower “Protecting the Health of Vulnerable Children and Adolescents During COVID-19–Related K-12 School Closures to SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Children and Adolescents Compared With Adults: A Systematic Review and

Simulating dynamics of circulation in the awake state and different stages of …

PIK · 1 April 2021 English

We propose a mathematical model of the human cardiovascular system. The model allows one to simulate the main heart rate, its variability under the influence of the autonomic nervous system, …

variability during sleep in normal children and adolescents. Front. Cardiovasc. Med. 7:19. doi: 10.3389/

The Public Health Effects of Legalizing Marijuana

NBER · 1 April 2021 English

Thirty-six states have legalized medical marijuana and 14 states have legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. In this paper, we review the literature on the public health consequences …

marijuana reduced tobacco consumption among both adolescents and adults. 44 Wang et al. (2019) found

Amnesty International's recommendations to states under review in UPR38 (May 2021)

Amnesty International · 1 April 2021 English

This compilation of recommendations are made to seven of the states under review in the 38th session of the UN Universal Periodic Review (Belgium, Denmark, Mozambique, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Singapore …

principle of evolving capacities of children and adolescents. ▪ In consultation with individuals with

Afghanistan: 'We survived the virus, but may not survive the hunger': The …

Amnesty International · 31 March 2021 English

Afghanistan’s four million of internally displaced people (IDPs) were already living in dire conditions when the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, and the overcrowded IDPs camps were soon identified as places …

internally displaced persons, in particular adolescents and women, whether or not living in camps, as

Serving Youth Remotely: Strategies for Practitioners

Urban Institute · 30 March 2021 English

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for young people and staff at youth-serving organizations that provide education and training, employment, and mental health services. Challenges are more pronounced for …

Guidelines for Telemental Health with Children and Adolescents." Telemedicine and e-Health. Volume: 23 Issue and Community Contributions of Fifth-Grade Adolescents: Findings From the First Wave Of the 4-H Study

Global warming and population change both heighten future risk of human displacement …

PIK · 25 March 2021 English

Every year, millions of people around the world are being displaced from their homes due to climate-related disasters. River flooding is responsible for a large part of this displacement. Previous …

on the mental health of Turkish children and adolescents Eur. Psychiatry 20 152–7 [8] Haque R, Parr N

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