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The languages of Africa are divided into several major language families: Niger–Congo or perhaps Atlantic–Congo languages (Bantu and non-Bantu, the inclusion of Mande and a few other groups is disputed) are spoken in West, Central, Southeast and Southern Africa. Afroasiatic languages are spread throughout Western Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and parts of the Sahel. Indo-European languages are spoken in South Africa and Namibia (Afrikaans, English, German) and are used as lingua francas in the former colonies of Britain and Liberia that was part of American Colonization Society (English), former colonies of France and of Belgium (French), former …



Chatham House · 7 June 2024 English

When the UK hosted its AI Safety Summit on 1–2 November 2023, the country’s prime minister, Rishi Sunak, used the occasion to interview the entrepreneur and chief of X, Tesla, …

grassroots AI ecosystem creates new AI tools in African languages, offers educational opportunities to local to that of LLMs developed to serve subsets of African languages found that global AI tools are ‘still not Low-resourced Machine Translation: A Case Study in African Languages’, Findings of the Association for Computational all working to increase NLP research on African languages and with various regional or linguistic focuses

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fund dedicated to climate reporting 10. [...] Ensure access to media content and services in African languages, lesser-used languages, minority UNESCO languages, Indigenous and sign languages in editorial

Ensure access to media content and services in African languages, lesser-used languages, minority UNESCO languages

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China’s slowing growth will increasingly impact its economic relations with Africa. Policy directions within African countries and third parties such as the United States will greatly shape how these changes …

universities in China have added new courses for African languages, such as Amharic, Malagasy, and Zulu. Furthermore

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While it has been in existence for almost 70 years, artificial intelligence (AI) has re-emerged over the past decade, powered by advances in deep learning and computing architecture to complete …

building natural language model solutions for African languages. Many efforts in bolstering the AI ecosystem

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INTRODUCTION The African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) was established in 2019 following the decision taken at the 31st Ordinary Session of the Assembly of African Union Heads of State and …

Fluency in English; proficiency in other African languages is a plus. 6. SHORTLISTING CRITERIA For evaluation

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On the basis of the above, the Conference of the Parties adopted the following indicators for status of and trends in the knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous peoples and …

African Union declared 2006 as the year of African Languages in collaboration with UNESCO and established

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Social media users in Nigeria and Kenya are near the top of the globe in the number of hours per day spent on social platforms. [...] Wagner-linked networks echoed Prigozhin …

those pages to spread extremist ideology in African languages. ISS pages called for a boycott of Kenya’s

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THE NEW LANGUAGE-BASED DIGITAL DIVIDE The role of governments in bridging the digital divide has typically been seen as a mix of promoting investment and policy reform that increases connectivity …

Low-resource language modelling of South African languages. arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.00772. 50. Nagle

CEPEO: Centre for Education Policy and Equalising Opportunities · 11 March 2024 English

First, the majority of the identified measurement tools have not been evaluated for all aspects of reliability and validity, and only seven measurement tools met the common acceptability thresholds for …

number concept development in four South African languages. South African Journal of Education, 41(4)

UN: The United Nations · 11 March 2024 English

19 p. : graphs

making existing material available in more African languages and stoking interest among women and girls

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