Air Transport

An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. Airlines utilize aircraft to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for codeshare agreements, in which they both offer and operate the same flight. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating certificate or license issued by a governmental aviation body. Airlines may be scheduled or charter operators. The first airline was the German airship company DELAG, founded on 16 November 1909. The four oldest non-airship airlines that still exist are the Netherlands' KLM (1919), Colombia's Avianca (1919), Australia's …

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EPRS · 19 January 2022 English

The revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) is part of the 'fit for 55' package. The current ETD (Directive 2003/96/EC) is outdated and out of sync with the EU's …

 Fossil fuels used as fuel for intra-EU air transport, maritime transport and fishing should no longer

World Bank Group · 17 January 2022 French

Haiti : Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project - Haiti PLAN General Date: Project Name: Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project - Haiti Loan / Credit

World Bank Group · 14 January 2022 English

Transformation Project and the Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project, the environmental specialists

World Bank Group · 14 January 2022 English

Evidence of public expenditure on infrastructure is extremely sparse. Little is known about the trends and patterns of infrastructure expenditure, and there is no real basis for assessing the adequacy …

transition: a performance analysis. Journal of Air Transport Management, 16(4), 218-221. Daito, N., & Gifford

IMF · 12 January 2022 English

After contracting more than 5 percent in 2020, Kosovo’s economy is projected to have recovered by 7.5 percent in 2021, thanks to mobility normalization, extraordinary diaspora inflows, and strengthened confidence. …

has been facilitated by the improvement of air transport infrastructure, and by the expansion of the

11 January 2022 English

The designation employed and the presentation of the material in the report do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United …

Air Transportation Controls Air transportation operators shall evaluate and adjust the slot-time capacity for airports and limit the number of passengers to 50% of the air transportation’s total capacity. Air transportation passengers must submit a Health Alert Card (“HAC”) when arriving at their destination. Operators of air transportation facilities must take steps to remind passengers of the HAC requirement. In the event of a health emergency, air transportation operators shall coordinate with the COVID-19 crisis center or air

World Bank Group · 7 January 2022 English

experiences, including the Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project - St. Lucia (P170860),

4 January 2022 English

The opinions, figures and estimates set forth in this publication are the responsibility of the authors and should not necessarily be considered as reflecting the views or carrying the endorsement …

vessels, trains, freight road vehicles. Effect on air transport is profound: in March 2020, total passenger-kilometres A joint project in 2016 between railway and air transport sectors involved setting up a cargo airline landlocked country, transport of cargo via air transport is an important part of the transport sector Airport is being upgraded into an international air transport hub with a planned international logistics center Eskişehir to Konya.4 The country has well-developed air transport and there are 55 airports within 100 km of 90

EPRS · 4 January 2022 English

France will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2022. It will initiate the work of the Trio Presidency composed of France, Czechia …

Single European Sky recast (2013/0186 COD); Air transport: enforcement of passenger rights, air carrier

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also applied in the construction and management of railway transportation, inland waterway shipping, ocean navigation, air transportation, etc.

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