Asia and the Pacific

The Asia-Pacific is the part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Ocean. Asia-Pacific varies in area depending on context, but it generally includes South, East, Southeast Asia, as well as Oceania. The term may also include parts of Russia (on the North Pacific and especially its Far East regions) and countries in the Americas which are on the coast of the Eastern Pacific Ocean; the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, for example, includes Canada, Chile, Russia, Mexico, Peru and the United States. Alternatively, the term sometimes comprises all of Asia and Australasia as well as Pacific island nations (Asia-Pacific …



UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme · 18 September 2024 English

Contact Overview SEA of Solutions (SoS) is a flagship partnerships event towards solving plastic pollution at source. Since its launch in 2019, SoS has served as a platform for sharing …

Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and the Coordinating Body on the Seas of

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 22 August 2024 English

The project will be aligned with the following impact: social welfare system strengthened to build resilience and promote human and social development. The outcome will be: health, resilience, and socioeconomic …

prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 20 July 2024 English

Rising inequality is directly related to vulnerability, and addressing inequality could reduce vulnerability to forced displacement.

CHALLENGES FOR AN INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE ASIA AND THE PACIFIC Tulsi Charan Bisht No. 1465 July 2024 Challenges for an Inclusive and Sustainable Asia and the Pacific. ADBI Working Paper 1465. Tokyo: Asian AND TRENDS OF FORCED DISPLACEMENT IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC ....................................... forced migration a new vulnerability in Asia and the Pacific and what are its potential consequences Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) | B

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 19 July 2024 English

Enhancing measures to control air quality can contribute to a long-term improvement in students’ cognitive performance and overall educational achievement.

“Building Resilient Education Systems in Asia and the Pacific: Lessons from Past Disruptions” for their

World Bank Group · 18 July 2024 English

EAPGIL’s mission is to generate evidence on what works—and does not—to promote gender equality in East Asia and Pacific and to translate evidence into better policies and programs. EAPGIL adopts …

UNESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific WPF Wellspring Philanthropic Fund UNICEF Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Abdul Lateef Jameel Poverty Action Bank. 2012. Toward Gender Equality in East Asia and the Pacific: A Companion to the World Development Report

Amnesty International · 18 July 2024 English

In response to today’s South Korean Supreme Court decision dismissing a government appeal and affirming that same-sex couples are entitled to the same health insurance benefits as heterosexual couples, Amnesty …


ADB: Asian Development Bank · 17 July 2024 English

Asia and the Pacific’s developing economies are projected to grow 5.0% this year on the back of resilient domestic demand and strong export growth, particularly in the electronics sector.

through May. In South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, food inflation remains high, with its inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining its efforts to eradicate

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 17 July 2024 English

The 2nd Global Progress Report on SDG16 Indicators represents a unique and pivotal UN inter-agency effort toward supporting the realization of the 2030 Agenda. This report reveals critical trends that, …

Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific GPCG Global Policy Centre for Governance Europe and Central Asia South Asia East Asia and the Pacific South America North America Central America

Amnesty International · 17 July 2024 English

In this submission, the four organisations examine the Government of Fiji’s compliance with its international human rights obligations to create and maintain a safe and enabling environment for civil society. … the-pacific/fiji/report-fiji. 41 ‘Fiji:

Amnesty International · 17 July 2024 English

Bangladeshi authorities used unlawful force against student protesters and failed to ensure their protection during the ongoing ‘Bangla-Blockade’ quota-reform protest across the country, said Amnesty International today. Witness testimonies, video …


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